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Winter Skin Care


Keeping our hands clean has become such a fundamental part of our lives. I have always been a bit of a stickler for keeping my hands clean and treating them to a luxury hand cream to soothe them and keep them hydrated. With Winter slowly creeping up on us and the dark nights and colder mornings becoming more frequent; our hands are really feeling the cold, the regular washing and the irritation this can bring.

 The focus on our hands and keeping them clean and safe has lead to a natural neglect in our skincare routines. The need to wear a facemask for prolonged periods creates a humid and sticky environment and can cause an unusual breakout of acne. 'Maskne'; as this is now known, is a real problem and people are trying to find complex answers for their skincare troubles.

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Make skincare simple for your clients

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The Omni Ultimate Facial machine will make complex facial routines minimal for both you and your clients.

The Omni provides multiple treatment possibilities with a range of treatment heads including; hydro dermabrasion, radio frequency, cavitation, a thermal hammer and an oxyActive Spray.

The hydro dermabrasion handset delivers and infuses the activated serums direct to the skin. The hydro dermabrasion three step facial covers surface exfoliation with an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid, a deep pore exfoliation with a Beta-Hydroxy Acid and a final intense hydration serum is applied and left on the face. The final liquid is packed full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are essential to our skin's wellbeing.

​ The affordable Omni machine allows you to personalise a facial treatment to your client. Treatment combinations can be from 30 minutes to one hour. All treatments are fast and easy to apply with immediate client results.


 Your customers will have clean, purified and hydrated skin without having to worry about 'maskne', the harshness winter can bring or unnecessary complex facials.

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More information on the benefits of hydrogen water facials can be found here.


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 treo peel is a leading chemical peel machine delivering an amazing hydra dermabrasion treatment

The Original Cyclonic Chemical Peel 


Facial skin resurfacing combining chemical peeling, purification, high-nutrient hydration with hydro & contact dermabrasion.

No discomfort or downtime. 


More Affordable Than You Think


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Keeping our hands clean has become such a fundamental part of our lives. I have always been a bit of a stickler for keeping my hands clean and treating them to a luxury hand cream to soothe them and keep them hydrated. With Winter slowly creeping up ...
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