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Difference Between LiteFLO & IPL Hair Removal Machines

What is the difference between ipl hair removal lasers and nd yag hair removal?
LiteFLO Technology - the amazing next generation IPL treatment

High Profile Technologies (HPT) is proud to pioneer the future of light-based hair removal with its LiteFLO pain-free & permanent hair removal laser.

It has never been simpler to provide such fast, painless IPL treatments with such consistent results and safety. To understand how the HPT has achieved this outstanding leap forward in technology we first need to know how they reached this point.

Many years ago HPT burst onto the aesthetics scene with fresh ideas and a new type of light-based IPL and laser machine, at this time other companies were producing, and still are, equipment using technology which limited the speed and power of treatments. This restricted salons & clinics in customers turned over and gave room for burns & miss treatments.

The lower powered IPL machine is cheaper to manufacture but delivers poor results, under treatment, lengthy but unsuccessful courses of treatment and skin burns.

In its wisdom HPT stepped back and developed a system of software & hardware that allowed a machine to use duel, tri & quad capacitors simultaneously, reducing recharge time to milliseconds.

The InteliBrite IPL machine was born, and as well as unrivalled results and safety in Permanent Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation treatments, the speed of procedures and the comfort of the client drastically improved too.

The marketplace was quick to adopt the new InteliBrite machines, having become unhappy with the poor reputation of old-fashioned IPL laser machines.

Always Developing
Never a Company to sit on its laurels HPT began to think of ways in which its systems could better still. Several years rolled by and the Company continued to seek developments to enhance its already cutting-edge technology further.

The work paid off, and the new LiteFLO technology was born, which was developed into a new and improved machine called LiteFLO.

LiteFLO, as the name suggests, allows a non-stop & pain-free laser hair removal treatment and is a first for Intense Pulsed Light Machine, delivering dramatic results in permanent hair removal at speed never before seen in the Cosmetic Laser Industry.

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This incredible new concept allows stable energy, at optimum levels to be delivered continually.

That means no point-and-click IPL treatments, the applicator of a LiteFLO IPL machine glides smoothly across the skin.

80% less treatment time and absolutely no pain (or sensation), kinder and gentler to the skin, better results and more shots per unit too.

Industry Changing Technology
This new LiteFLO technique is as simple as wiping a sponge over the skin. This is turning out to be something that both clients and operators love – it's fast, friendly and efficient!
So much so that HPT is experiencing an overwhelming demand for the LiteFLO ipl hair removal machine.

The new machines are so successful they've re-modelled the beauty & aesthetics marketplace, existing IPL users and clients are rapidly moving to the new LiteFLO treatments.

It is only a matter of time before we see all of the old ipl hair removal machines replaced and LiteFLO technology taking over the whole marketplace.

Leading Beauty Treatment
Since the LiteFLO launched in 2013, other companies have tried to copy and recreate the technology on their machines. This equipment has become known as SHR or Super Hair Removal.

As is often the case the replica is never anywhere near as good as the original. This is especially true in the fact of the SHR machine.

So the SHR machines, in trying to copy LiteFLO technology, have not only still got the same old problems as an old-fashioned IPL machine (see above for details) but they've made it far worse by 'over-clocking' the hardware & software.

The SHR is essentially a traditional IPL machine being forced to deliver shots of energy very quickly. As the machine was never developed to do this, as well as being unstable, the phenomenal burden this puts on the capacitor means it will burn-out and stop working after a short amount of time.

Fortunately, the software & hardware design of the LiteFLO suffers from none of these problems, offering unrivalled stability, stable power output and a long-life span. Also, new bespoke bulb units now offer an astonishing 500,000 shots. 

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