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Ice Cold Beauty Treatments | Infinity

Freezing cold temperature, were not talking about the UK weather but the latest in beauty treatments.

Freezing Cold, Sub-zero temperature…
And we're not talking about the UK weather!

All of our Infinity laser and FLO IPL hair removal machines come with the iCycle cooling system fitted to them – lowering the temperature of the handset tip to a freezing -4˚C!

Why? This digital cooling system:
• Helps the handset slide around across the skin surface – fast treatments (full body hair removal in under 1 hour!)
• Cools the skin – protects it from heat and makes it comfortable for the client
• Contracts the blood vessels – better and safer hair clearance
The bigger picture is hair removal in a typical 4 sessions with an Infinity or 6 sessions with a Lite FLO.

Why not join our list of COOL customers and deliver your own Infinity or Lite FLO hair clearance treatments.

The handset tip isn't the only COOL thing – the profits can be £100's per hour!

We'll provide you with class-leading equipment as well as the training to use it, servicing, fully comprehensive warranty, eye protection, marketing…

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