I have worked at High Profile Technologies for 10 years and have experienced the majority of the treatments we have to offer. Treatments have really developed and progressed during this time and experiencing the evolving technology throughout the equipment we supply has been very interesting.

One treatment I have never wanted to try was the L:Brite Tattoo Removal. I had heard so many horror stories from our trainers, customers, people who have had the treatment themselves. I remember one explanation given to me described a smell of burning flesh, loud bangs and the feeling of your skin being on fire. I have one tattoo that I have had since I was 17, but I decided I will live with it forever if that is the experience that I would be facing.

High Profile Technologies upgraded the L:Brite Tattoo Removal machine to the inkaway tattoo removal machine in 2018. The new tattoo removal system boasts a dual rod internal treatment system and a frequency doubled laser allows the inkaway device to treat a range of colours as well as black and blue ink.

The incredible feedback customers provide on the inkaway machine, combined with the before and after treatment photographs started to change my mind; but still not enough to brave a treatment. Sammy Jo Pearson, the star of BBC Three's 'Angels of the North' and owner of LongLox salon, purchased an inkaway machine for her salon and training and treatments were filmed for the BBC documentary. 

When the episode aired, I was surprised. No screaming, no melting flesh, no loss of consciousness. In fact, Sammy Jo sat calmly whilst having her tattoo removed. She had mentioned in the start of the episode that her pain threshold was low; but here she was sitting calmly during a treatment I had been terrified of.

 I decided to book in with our training department my first tattoo removal treatment. It is one of our most popular machines to demonstrate, so I had a 4 week wait before the machine and a trainer were both available to provide my treatment. I gave no second thought about the appointment until the day of the treatment; the nerves kicked in.

The tattoo I was having removed is on my ankle, I had to lie on the treatment bed in an awkward position and that's when I started to regret this decision. I couldn't see my ankle or what the machine was doing. The trainer providing my treatment asked if she could fire one shot before treatment so I was aware of the treatment sensation. I gripped the bed and muffled a subtle 'yes' through my gritted teeth.

 Well I felt irrational for over reacting. The first shot just felt like a small elastic band flick, the trainer even laughed at how much I sighed with relief. I also had a quick look at my ankle to inspect the expected melting skin and open wounds. I was surprised to see nothing but one small white circle in place of where my tattoo was. This is called frosting and is a desired outcome immediately after the inkaway laser has been fired at the unwanted tattoo.

The whole treatment took less than 10 minutes. The loud bangs that had been described were replaced with short, sharp and quiet cracks. My skin did feel warm, but not uncomfortably hot and the smell of burning flesh that had been reported to me was nowhere to be seen (or smelt). The whole treatment area had frosted over and I was given a full list of post treatment care and advice on how to make the most of my first tattoo removal treatment.

 Post treatment I had no adverse reactions. My ankle was tender later that evening, but by morning my ankle had returned to normal and all sensitivity had disappeared. My tattoo had already faded in colour and I had no bruising, blisters or broken skin. The tattoo is still continuing to fade and I am excited to see the results after the next treatment.

 Our inkaway tattoo removal treatment system comes complete with a full training package and on-going support, a two year parts and labour warranty, a service contract, marketing material package and consumables to get you started with treatments right away. We are regulated by the FCA and can offer a variety of finance packages to suit your needs.

Contact us on 01422 524 006 to arrange your no obligation demonstration or for further information on our inkaway treatment packages.