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Infinity | Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine



Infinity is a professional diode laser hair removal machine. using the latest technology for diode laser machines 



infinity | The Latest In Diode Lasers

The New Standard In Hair Removal


Diode laser hair removal machines are on the rise, overtaking the old fashioned ipl hair removal with cost, user-friendliness and most importantly is the results.

Infinity is a professional hair laser machine. Made by professionals, used by professionals.




infinity diode hair removal laser


Infinity 2300w / 400w is an entry model diode laser, with the same features you find in the Elite model but with half the power.

The 300w utilises software and diode drivers; to control the precision of treatment and the manage the safety or client and machine.

Diode technology is superior to IPL and other laser technology for hair removal treatments; this is due to the precise wavelength of 808nm.


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rent from only £79 per week

The UK's best diode laser hair removal machine

The infinity elite is a professional diode hair removal machine



Infinity elite is the cosmetic industries diode laser of choice


The 2900w / 600w is a professional hair removal machine, using high powered drivers, software & diodes.

PRO 2900 / 600 applicator
The 2900w / 600w applicator requires precision & power to give outstanding treatment results, which are superior to the 2300w / 400w.

This is why the 2900w / 600w machine uses the professional infinity software which coupled with the pro diode driver delivers the efficiency required by professionals!.


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Ergonomic Applicators

Form & function in harmony, infinity applicators combine the operator comfort and treatment efficiency.

The applicator tip is in direct contact with the customer's skin; this is when the iCycle cooling comes into effect, localising the cooling during every treatment.






Purer Water

Diode lasers require exceptionally pure water to function, to have the wrong water can run costs into £1000's in repairs.

Infinity has built de-ionisation filters which helps dissolve contaminants such as sodium & calcium, along with a particle filter.

Cleaner water dramatically prolongs equipment life.






Powerful Software | 64 Bit

The infinity diode machines deliver an exact hair removal treatment; it can do this by the use of sophisticated software and diode drivers.

Infinity software gives you the ability to record, track and even print clients treatment profiles.

With a vast array of sensors, your equipment & customers will never have to experience mid-treatment failure.

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