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isoLipo – A New World of Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is a relatively new fat removal method, but if there’s one thing that’s undeniable about this ultra-effective non-invasive fat reduction technique, it’s that it delivers the results people want to see. So what is fat freezing, and how does this amazing technique work? 




want to know how to get rid of stubborn fat? isolipo delivers body sculpting treatment

What Is Stubborn Fat?

Stubborn fat is essentially fatty deposits in areas that are difficult to remove, like bums, hips and thighs for women, and the abdominal area and what often turns into love handles for men.

Stubborn fat is usually, though not always, subcutaneous fat, which is the fat that lies directly under the skin and is well-known for being more difficult to break down and remove than intramuscular fat, which is the fat located throughout skeletal muscle, and visceral fat, which is fat that’s stored within the abdominal cavity around internal organs like the liver, intestines and pancreas.

Stubborn subcutaneous fat can be highly unsightly and cause both men and women to suffer from a negative self-image, which may in turn lead to depression, and it can also pose a major health risk to the individual, most notably with regard to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, along with arthritis and joint related conditions.

Removing stubborn fat therefore not only has many aesthetic advantages, but also many health advantages, which has made non-invasive fat reduction techniques like fat freezing very popular, and consequently, in high demand.

By offering isoLipo fat freezing treatments at your salon you’re presented with the opportunity to capitalise upon the growing demand for this amazingly effective fat reduction technique in your local area.

Many salon owners throughout the UK have already purchased isoLipo machines to capitalise upon this demand and they’re seeing a noticeable increase in business as a result of offering this popular new fat reduction technique.




What Is Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing is a highly effective non-invasive fat reduction technique that works by freezing subcutaneous fat cells until they disappear, leaving the overlying skin intact.

An isoLipo practitioner – our isoLipo machines are very easy to use – inserts a section of the patient’s skin into the isoLipo machine’s powerful ‘Cyclone’ vacuum system exposing it to extremely low temperatures (-9°C) which causes irreversible damage to the cells exposed and leads to a reduction of fat in the area to which the isoLipo treatment has been applied.

The results that this incredible non-invasive fat reduction technique deliver are 100 percent permanent, and as the men and women taking delight in their slender and slim new bodies have been quick to tell the world, they’re nothing shy of astonishing. 





How Fat Freezing Works

The origins of fat freezing began when scientists became fully aware of the effects of frostbite. Yes, that’s right, fearsome old frostbite. But frostbite isn’t something that we need be scared of when its remarkable power to freeze and eliminate fat, all the while leaving the skin overlying it intact, is applied by a skilled isoLipo practitioner.

So how does isoLipo actually remove fat? The fat freezing treatment is painless, you may feel a slight discomfort as pockets of fat in the areas treated are frozen, and it involves the innovative isoLipo machine safely freezing the pockets of body fat vacuumed into it by a mouthpiece. Upon release from the mouthpiece the frozen skin defrosts quickly and without any pain at all, and hey presto, the fat cells are dead.

Over the treatment period – usually two months – your body will continually rid itself of the dead fat cells and your unwanted body fat will completely disappear, never to be seen or bother you again. The results of this amazing new fat reduction technique are permanent, and as the women rejoicing in their new found slimness will happily let you know, nothing shy of amazing.

cryolipolysis freezes the fat cells which brakes the bond and the body absorbs the fat




isolipo is a non-invasive fat removal treatment which means no knives or needles

Is Fat Reduction the Same as Weight Loss?

Many women, and naturally many men as well, confuse the concept of fat reduction with that of weight loss. Contrary to prevailing understandings on the subject, weight loss and fat reduction, which is best achieved with non-surgical treatment methods, are actually two very different things. 

So what’s the difference? It’s actually a very simple concept, one which makes perfect sense. When weight loss occurs, fat cells reduce in size, but should weight be gained, usually due to a combination of a poor diet and a lack of cardiovascular exercise, the fat cells will increase in size once again and become bigger.

However, with the safe, effective and permanent isoLipo fat reduction treatment that has many women sharing their success stories, because the fat cells have been removed for good, they can’t grow in size because they are no longer there.

By eliminating fat cells once and for all with our radical new fat freezing treatment method that works wonders and is revolutionising the way the world thinks about fat reduction and skin tightening, you will no longer be at risk of gaining weight in the areas treated because those once bothersome fat cells are now gone for good.




Can isoLipo Help You to Achieve Your Ideal Figure?

Are you female or male? Do you want to feel more confident about your appearance and the way you present yourself? Do you want to reduce bothersome fat on your abdomen, your inner thighs or your outer thighs? Are you tired of your ‘love handles’ or ‘muffin top’ and want to do something about it? Have you tried or thought about trying cosmetic surgery treatments to enhance your appearance by making yourself slimmer? Are you open-minded about trying non-surgical fat reduction treatment?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to one or more of the questions above then yes, the isoLipo fat removal method that has been scientifically proven to freeze away stubborn fat for good can help you to achieve your ideal figure without the use of expensive creams, lotions and ointments that lighten your purse and leave you feeling disappointed.

Countless women have achieved the slim, attractive figures that they have yearned to realise for so long and so too can you. And it isn’t only women who can achieve real, lasting results with a course of isoLipo treatments, as this ground breaking non-surgical fat removal technique can also assist men who want to do something about their appearance achieve the body they’ve long yearned for.

get your ideal figure using isolipo cryo lipo system to kill fat cells


After Your isoLipo Treatment

The results that isoLipo delivers are permanent, but you have to remember that it successfully kills the fat cells in the areas treated, not the areas left untreated and are therefore at risk of growing bigger.

For this notable reason, you need to be aware that what you eat and the frequency in which you exercise after you receive isoLipo treatment is crucially important to achieving the lasting, long term fat removal results that you want to see.





Key Features


cryo lipo handset sucks the unwanted fat into the specialised applicator


The Cyclone Massage system is activated and the isoLipo handset attaches itself securely to the treatment area. It will continue to adjust suction pressure during treatment.

isolipo handset then warms the fatty tissues dilating blood vessels


The Thermo-Flux system begins to rapidly but gently heat the skin tissue, making it more flexible and separating blood vessels from the fat cells.


isoLipo cryo lipo treatment then drops the fat to -18 which kills the fat cells


The iCycle X-treme then provides intense cooling (-9°C) to the fat cells in the treatment zone, ‘freezing’ them and leading to their destruction.

frozen fat is then removed through the body lymphatic system


The Cyclone Massage system can then actively massage the immediate area, enhancing the results of the iCycle X-treme cooling effect of the treatment.




cryolipolysis uses a special liquid called iCycle

iCycle X-treme

The latest incarnation of the well-known digital cooling system from LiteFLO brand system is central to the isoLipo. This new version offers incredible levels of cooling, dropping the system as low as -9°C in seconds. This sub-zero output is what ‘freezes’ the fat, offering those incredible isoLip results!


thermoflux allows the isoLipo+ to be a alternative to lipo suction


Only found on isoLipo machines the Thermo-Flux is clever system that heats the skin tissue during a treatment as opposed to the fat cells that are being cooled. This makes the skin more flexible, allowing for a better treatment, but more importantly protects the skin from frost damage too.


cellulite is easily removed over the 12 weeks after the treatment

Cyclone Massage

Again another isoLipo only feature – the Cyclone Massage. Computer controlled automatic tissue massage enhances the blood flow encouraged by the Thermo-Flux technology as well as the affect that the iCycle X-treme is having on the breakdown of the fat cells. As if the isoLipo wasn’t offering superb results already – Cyclone Massage takes it a step further!




isoLipo Fat Freezing Theory

isoLipo is a totally non-invasive procedure that is designed to destroy fat cells in the subcutaneous layer of the human body, without affecting the surface skin tissue. The invasive equivalent of an isoLipo treatment would be something like ‘Liposuction’. 

The reason that the isoLipo machine causes damage to the fat cells but not the skin cells is due to the fact that fat cells are more sensitive to cooling than skin cells. The isoLipo system will expose fat cells to extremely low temperatures (-9°C), causing irreversible damage to those cells, leading to a reduction of fat in the specific area to which the treatment has been applied. 

As well as cooling the treatment area the isoLipo uses powerful vacuum suction (the Cyclone system) to pull the skin tissue and fat into a handset and to increase blood flow to the surface of the skin’s tissue.

A unique skin heating system, called the Thermo-Flux increases surface skin temperature, both to further enhance blood flow as well as protect the skin from frost damage. *

The Cyclone vacuum system of the isoLipo can also automatically massage the treatment area throughout the treatment, enhancing the overall effects of the treatment. *

The fat cells affected by the cooling of the isoLipo treatment will breakdown and be excreted by the body over the following weeks.

The result is significant fat reduction and a change in appearance of the immediate area, with the fat cells affected by treatment being permanently destroyed and removed from the body. §

Unlike other procedures a client undergoing isoLipo treatment does not have any down time or recovery, the only evidence of the treatment is a possible temporary change in sensation and bruising.

how cryo lipo 'cryolipolysis' works is based on scientific principals



fat freezing treatment zones for the best cryolipolysis



isoLipo freezes away fat with little pain

The Operator and the Patient

Once fully trained the person operating the isoLipo machine will be confident and efficient at applying the treatment.  The computer controlled system of the IsoLipo system, once activated by the operator, controls itself and does not normally require operator intervention.  This leaves the operator free to observe the treatment session. An isoLipo session is ‘patient passive’ meaning that the client is not required to do anything other than to be placed in a comfortable position and remain stationary for the duration of the treatment – this even allows the client to engage in some low-level activity such as reading, listening to music or watching a film during the treatment.

The result is significant fat reduction and a change in appearance of the immediate area, with the fat cells affected by treatment being permanently destroyed and removed from the body. §

Unlike other procedures a client undergoing isoLipo treatment does not have any downtime or recovery, the only evidence of the treatment is a possible temporary change in sensation and bruising.




before and after cryo lipo vacuum - cryogenic treatment


8-12 WEEKS


Fat in the treatment zone is visually and measurably reduced 8-12 weeks after treatment, but the results can keep developing up to 16 weeks after application.

The fat ‘frozen’ by the treatment has been broken down and removed by the body’s natural process!


photo of cool sculpting isoLipo cryogenic treatment
freeze fat beauty treatment results



Fat in the treatment area can be reduced by anything up to 25% in a single treatment. The same area can treated again 12 weeks after the initial treatment.



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