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The inkaway is a laser tattoo removal machine uk uses a nd yag laser Full servicing and support of our inkaway laser tattoo removal machine is available inkaway offers carbon laser facial treatments.



Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Made Simple

delivers a fast & effective treatment


inkaway is a Nd:YAG laser tattoo removal machine uk, which delivers a fast, powerful beam of light to a small target area.

A frequency doubled Laser allows the device to treat a range of colours as well as black and blue ink.

Treatment delivered to an area of an unwanted tattoo breaks the ink down, fading it and leading to eventual removal.  Delivered accurately and safely the treatment leaves behind a clear area of skin, free of ink and scarring. The inkaway is an all-around laser tattoo removal machine.




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tattoo removal machine rental is easy and affordable with the inkaway machine

inkaway Features

• High-Resolution colour touch-screen

• InteliPulse software for millisecond waveform adjustment

• Advanced Q-switching technology

• High-Performance applicator components

• Specialised detachable filters: 1064nm - 532nm

• Integrated digital and liquid cooling

• Full tattoo colour treatment range

• Multi-burst shot per second continuous delivery

• Full recharge in less than 1 second

• Fast & simple to adjust and setup

• Superior technology for exceptional results




Technical Details

Output - Energy Density: 500 - 800 mJ/cm2
Output - Voltage: 
700 - 1000V
Pulse Method: InteliPulse customisable waveform
Filtered Wavelength: 532nm & 1064nm 
Pulse Intermission: 5 - 60 ms 
Pulse Width: >10 ns 
Pulse Frequency: 1 - 6Hz
Delivery System: Neo Dynamium - Yttrium Aluminium Garnet Laser (Nd:YAG)
Standard Output Spot: 3mm2 
Cooling System: iCycle liquid refrigerated machine & applicator chamber
Power Supply: 220v/50Hz
Weight: 22 Kg




Inkaway Technology



This cross-section of the skin tissue shows tattoo ink sat in the lower epidermal/upper dermal layer.
The ink molecules are large, making them immobile and permanent.

During Treatment

The laser is directed at the tattoo ink, passing through the epidermis. When the beam contacts the ink molecules it heats them up rapidly, causing damage to these large molecules.

Post Treatment

The damaged ink molecules are weakened and breakdown, becoming smaller and making them mobile. Now the body’s lymphatic and vascular system can remove them from the skin tissue.





Why the inkaway is the best laser tattoo removal machine UK

See the version 1 chamber diagram of our original Nd:YAG handset

Layout diagram of how a nd yag laser operates to perform laser tattoo removal


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