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Positive Plan Finance | Beauty Equipment Finance

A massive set back for beauty salon owners is getting finance; this hinders their ability to expand creating new jobs and offering those highly profitable treatments.

Believe it or not, as an equipment supplier we understand the frustration of getting customers competitive finance options.

We are fully regulated by the Finance Conduct Authority FCA; meaning that you're guaranteed to be supplied the best finance opportunities available to you.

This is why we built Positive Plan Beauty Equipment Finance (PPF)






What is Positive Plan Finance PPF?

Asset Secured finance | The loan is secured on the equipment, not against the salon owner.
Competitive Interest Rate | Typically lower rates than other finance options
Zero Interest Rate Option Available
No Credit Checks | As the security is in the asset
Minimum Deposit Required
Easy Equipment Upgrades | Your machine can grow with your business.
Little Stress Returns | Hand your machine back with no mark on your credit file.
Full Machine Package | Even with PPF you get all the benefits of the equipment packages (Training, Warranty, Servicing etc.)


Who is it available to?

Everyone! That is the joy of PPF; we do not discriminate against peoples financial past, instead look into helping you build a prosperous future in the beauty industry.


Another supplier has got you finance, still unsure?

Our advisors are here to help, more than likely we can beat the finance and equipment price & services given by the other supplier.


No credit checks, beauty equipment finance is available on all salon supplies with low interest and no risk hand back.

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Frequently Asked Question about Positive Plan beauty equipment finance.

What equipment is available with PPF?

We offer a vast range of equipment which delivers highly efficient & profitable treatments.
LiteFLO IPL | Pain-free laser hair removal
Inkaway Nd: YAG | Tattoo removal laser
Treo Peel | Hydro-facial & chemical peel machine
Infinity Diode | Hair removal laser machine
InteliBrite IPL | Professional IPL machine
soniXsmooth Hifu | Non-surgical facelifting machine


I've been refused finance before, can I get PPF beauty equipment finance?

YES! We understand the frivolities of business & especially we know the beauty industry, we don't judge your past.


Do I get a lesser package?

NO! If you buy outright, on standard finance or PPF, you get the same package.

Training for up to 4 delegates
2 years machine warranty
12 months of servicing
12 months applicator warranty
On-going training & servicing support
Consumables & PPE


It sounds too simple, whats the catch?

If one of our customers becomes successful because of our service, we are more likely to be recommended and you will most likely return with more business.
If you decide to move on or any other reason, you can with minimum stress return the machine.


Is PPF a rental scheme?

NO! It is asset-based finance, at the end of the agreed term and all payments are up to date then the equipment title is moved into your name and you own the equipment outright.


What warranty do I get?

We give you a two-year warranty on the machine, after the two years, you can buy a yearly warranty which covers all parts & labour.

Your applicator has a separate warranty which is different depending on your equipment, the warranty covers failure but does not include user-defined damage.


Applicator Warranties

LiteFLO IPL | 250,000 shots or 12 months | Life Expectancy 400,000 shots
Inkaway Nd: YAG | 250,000 shots or 12 months | Life Expectancy 500,000 shots
Infinity Diode | 2,500,000 shots or 12 months | Life Expectancy 5,000,000 shots
InteliBrite IPL | 30,000 shots or 12 months | Life Expectancy 40,000 shots


What about running costs?

Appart from your monthly machine payment to PPF, the only running costs you occur is the refurbishment of your applicator when it is coming to the end of its life expectancy.

We do not limit the usage of the applicators; you can run the applicators past their life expectancy. This we do not recommend, as you run the risk of giving in-effective treatments, possible applicator breakdowns and unexpected costs when your applicator does get refurbished.



Interest on the loan shall be calculated at a monthly rate of one-twelfth of nominal annual rate, the nominal annual rate is 7.99 percent per annum above the published base rate from time to time of the Bank of England, and shall be charged on the balance of the loan outstanding on a monthly basis. The Said interest shall be payable by the Borrower to the Lender monthly in arrears. Repayment of the loan shall be by monthly instalments in respect of principal and interest and shall be made by the Bankers order, first payment due one month from the date of the Agreement date. Such monthly payments shall be apportioned firstly towards payment of interest due and seconds towards repayment of the principal sum outstanding.


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